Establishment Phase:

This is when intensity is most crucial. We usually recommend two to three times a week during this phase. Much ground is gained during this time as the child is learning the routine, parameters and establishment of the new neuro pathways. The intensity allows for the each session to cover new information with the least amount of loss. With too much time between each session information may be forgotten.

The Journey:
The Exit:

This may range from once to twice a week. This is where the majority of individuals spend their time in therapy. Building those skills.

This phase is about maintenance of the new skill. They may only be seen one to two times a month. During this phase, the child has learned the skill and beginning to execute the skill independently. They may still require support and accountability; however, they are no longer in need of the intensity. 

How long can I expect to be in therapy?  We’re every case is different in terms of needs and diagnosis, it is hard to determine. Where we are striving to make real change, we recommend a minimum commitment of 90 days. Regardless of the intensity. 

We recognize therapy is a journey and takes commitment to achieve greatness. We are building new neuro-pathways and this can take time. Our proven system recommends an intense approach to establish the skill, rev up the system and push towards generalization of the new skills into everyday life. 

The ideal therapy model will vary from case to case. This is to be discussed with your healthcare provider.


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