The Secret to Language Development; What Your Pediatrician Won’t Tell You

Do you find it difficult to get your child to talk?

You’re not alone.

According to the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) the percentage of late talkers in 18- to 23-month-old toddlers, is estimated to be 13.5%. This rate rises to 16%-17.5% in 30- to 36-month-old children (Horowitz et al., 2003; Rescorla & Achenbach, 2002).

These rates continue to rise if there is a family history of speech/language delay (23%).

As for parents, they are left to their own devices; not knowing what to do, they solicit friends, family and the pediatrician. Their response:

“Oh he’s just a late talker”

“He’ll grow out of it”

“Don’t worry, he’s fine”

but things aren’t fine.

The frustration in the home grows: the tantrums, the screams, and desperation to help the child understand and be understood.

Let me be the one to say,

you are a great parent!

How do I know that?

You are reading this blog. You are seeking further knowledge beyond what you currently know.

Here you will discover ways to help your child overcome the barriers they are experiencing.

SO what is the secret your pediatrician won’t tell you? It’s simple;


The child has yet to make a connection that words have value.

When I (the child), make this random group of sounds, out of my mouth, I suddenly get the item I seek.

WOW ! The power in a few simple sounds.

When they begin to understand that language and speech have value they can’t get enough.

Language is naturally reinforcing.

Think about the babbling baby playing with their voice. “ba-baa-aaa-ma-ma-ma-ma” rolls lips aka blows a raspberry.

We (the parent), come running over.

“Did you hear that?! He said Mama, that’s right. I’m Mama. Say, Mama.”

We offer smiles, and reinforcing attention.

The baby learns; this sound stream makes this nice lady that takes care of me come, I’m gonna try that again.”

This pattern continues and the sound, “Mama” is shaped.

Speech and language emerge out of VALUE. Now some late talkers may have deeper etiologies: apraxia, autism, hearing loss, chronic ear infections just to name a few.

That being said, it is important to build value under any circumstances. I am going to teach you how to do that in 4 secret hacks to getting them to talk. - located in our blog section.

Do you have or know a late talker? Comment below with the most frustrating aspect you experience.

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