How do I get my kid to talk? (Part 1)

4 secret hacks to Getting your late talker to talk. (Part 1)

Do you speak more than one language? If you do, you may already be aware that one must understand a language before they can begin to speak it. Exposure to that language is crucial, that is why the most effective way to learn a language is by immersion.

Research shows that babies understand their language long before they will speak it. Deaf babies of deaf adults are taught sign language to communicate. In a study conducted in 1983 Deaf babies of Deaf adults demonstrated language expression (through sign language) as early as 8 month old1. If the child was expressing at EIGHT months we can conclude he was understanding long before that.

Verbal language expression emerges around 12 months due to anatomical development. It simply is easier to move and control your hands (gross motor) than it is your tongue (fine motor) at that age. However, research shows that receptive language is acquired the same across all modalities of communication.

This means your baby DOES understand you and has for a long time.

The first HACK for getting your late talker to talk is based on this truth; exposure called Auditory Bombardment. Auditory Bombardment is the auditory stimulus you produce by immersing your baby/child in the words and sounds you want them to use. You bombard their receptive system with words, words, words. This means even though it may appear your child is not a part of the conversation, KEEP TALKING

This can be more difficult than it seems. Most parents report feeling awkward “talking to themselves” all day, but the fact of the matter is, you are NOT talking to yourself. You are talking to your baby and he/she understands you.

What about the 3 year old who is still not talking? Let me explain what this looks like in a therapeutic setting.

Johnny makes plenty of noise but no one can understand him. At lunch time, Mom hands Johnny a cracker and says, “Cracker. Mmmm cracker. Good Cracker. Here’s your Cracker” She repeats over and over again the target, she wants Johnny to eventually attempt to say. She places NO demand on Johnny at this time, she is only exposing him to words she wants him to add to his vocabulary.

Once Johnny has been bombarded with the auditory stimulation of his language, he will eventually make connection of what it means and when to use it. But then again, what if he understands it but is still not producing it. That leads us to HACK number 2. Click the blog to read 4 secret hacks to getting your late talker to talk (Part 2). Here you will learn how to place communication demand on a child without resulting in emotional breakdown.

What functional words would you like your child to say? Comment below and I’ll respond with ideas.

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