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Jennifer Taylor

Licensed Speech Language Pathologist

Laura Adamson

Speech Language Pathologist – CF

Taylor Goodrich

Licensed Speech Language Pathologist

Kassidy Ha

Licensed Occupational Therapist

Jen Messer

Licensed Occupational Therapist

Kelly Allred

Licensed Occupational Therapist Assistant


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Allison Barney

Licensed Speech Language Pathologist

What Our Client Are Saying

Our second born child was 4 weeks early and had a bit of a rough start to life. As time went on we noticed some delays with his development, including his language skills. We started to notice that his lack of age appropriate language skills was inhibiting his social interaction with family and friends and contributed to a lot of lack of confidence, even for his young age. We were lucky and happy to get help through services like Kids on the Move and speech through the local school district, but we weren’t happy with the progress we were seeing with our son’s language. His therapy through these services just wasn’t enough and were catered to the masses rather than his specific needs. We ultimately decided to seek out private therapy. This was the best decision we could have made for him. I especially like how thoroughly our son was assessed to find his deficits and how I was included in the plan to help achieve the best result possible for him. We did frequent sessions at first and then tapered off as he made progress. After 6-8 months of therapy our son had achieved age appropriate language skills. He gained so much confidence through this experience and we are thrilled to see him now thriving in our family and in social situations. We not longer worry about how he will do and handle kindergarten next year. The services and therapy we received truly are priceless and expertly professionally done. You won’t regret getting help with Breaking Barriers!!!

Karen D.


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