Frequently Asked Questions

Who Does Breaking Barriers Serve?

Breaking Barriers Therapy Services serves children ages ~18 months to adults in the Utah and South Salt Lake County areas.

Clientele typically fall into a variety of categories: kids from 18 months to 5 years who exhibit delayed developmental milestones in speech and language; and elementary school-age to high school kids who need help improving their speech intelligibility or information processing (memory, organization, sequencing vocabulary building), executive function or social skills.

Another group of clients are those with dental concerns due to poor resting tongue posture and tongue thrust swallow contributing to poor teeth alignment.

BBTS also serves those who may have suffered concussion or traumatic brain injury resulting in a change in cognition (deficits in communicating, speed of processing information, memory, and sensory integration deficits).

Tell Me About The FREE Consultation

Whether you contact BBTS because you’ve received a doctor’s diagnosis, or you are simply concerned about the way your child/the client speaks (or doesn’t speak), BBTS is happy to offer an initial phone consultation free of charge. We’ll ask you what initially sparked your concern and whether the client has previously received speech therapy. After learning about the client, BBTS then walks parents/caregivers through the therapeutic process and answers any additional questions you may have. If it’s determined that the client needs speech therapy, BBTS will schedule a follow-up evaluation, during which time we’ll use a variety of standardized tests and techniques to form a plan and goals for treatment.

What Causes Speech & Language Disorders Anyway?

Speech and language disorders present as the result of many different factors, including but not limited to repeated ear infections, trouble with motor coordination, weak muscles, and some neurological conditions. That said, speech therapists tend to worry less about the why, and more about the what: What communication challenges is the client experiencing, and what can we do to correct them?

How Long Will My Child/Client Require Therapy?

The length of time a client requires therapy varies from case to case; however, it is the goal at BBTS to provide the client with skills required to succeed. The ultimate goal is to fade out therapy as soon as appropriate.

What Are Your Fees?

We accept insurance.  Also, grants are available from nonprofit organizations to assist with cost of therapies.


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